Jupiter Ltd. has been based in 1999 and represented group of the young experts full of enthusiasm and charged on development of the perspective "know-how" of a powder wire in which hands the new hi-tech equipment allowing has been entrusted, at that stage, to let out, apparently,
enormous volumes (nearby have increased 100 tons in a month.). 
Now our company represents the large enterprise specializing on manufacture not only a powder wire, but also the equipment, allowing to carry out application of a wire in a metallurgical and foundry complex.
The so-called "cored wire" is actually a slim thin-walled pipe (wall thickness is usually 0.3 - 0.4 mm) of quite a big length (up to 4 km), which is filled with powder-like material and wrapped in a coil.
The tribe-device consists of the feeder of a wire and an electrocase (a case of management). The principle of work of the tribe-device is based on stretching out a wire through directing owing to a clip by its clamping rollers to driving to rollers.
The territorial affinity to our suppliers and consumers allows to get quickly the materials necessary for manufacture, and to carry out deliveries to combines that helps to execute in the shortest terms the order.

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