Characteristics of tribe-devices

Items Parameters The name of models of tribe-devices
    MDU.44.000.00 MDU.44.000.00 - 2
1 Capacity of a drive, kw 4 7,5х2-15
2 Speed of introduction wire, m/mines 0-90 25-300
3 Diameter of an entered wire, mm 5-16 5-18
4 The length of an entered wire (is programmed), m 0…9999 0…9999
5 Quantity brooks 1 2
6 Step of programming 1 1
7 Type of a clip of rollers Mechanical Mechanical
8 A feed of an electric equipment:    
  Pressure, In 380 380
  Frequency, Hz 50 50
9 Overall dimensions of the feeder of a wire:    
  Length, mm 1025 1310
  Width, mm 720 733
  Height, mm 600 1165
10 Weight of the feeder of a wire, kg 400 980
11 Overall dimensions of an electrocase (case of management):    
  Length, mm    
  Width, mm    
  Height, mm    
12 Weight of an electrocase (case of management), kg  80 80
13 Volume of oil in a reducer, l 1,8 18

Auxiliary devices.

1. The stand coil compactor – horizontal.
2. The stand coil compactor – vertical.

The stand coil compactor horizontal serves for installation of a bay of a wire if installation sites of the tribe-device and a bay have not a significant difference on height. 

The stand coil compactor vertical serves for installation of a bay of a wire at a significant difference on height of installation sites of the tribe-device and a bay. 

Auxiliary devices do not enter into the complete set of delivery of the tribe -device. Are made to order. Characteristics are given by inquiry.

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