About Us

Jupiter Ltd. has been based in 1999 and represented group of the young experts full of enthusiasm and charged on development of the perspective "know-how" of a powder wire in which hands the new hi-tech equipment allowing has been entrusted, at that stage, to let out, apparently, enormous volumes (nearby have increased 100 tons in a month.). Now our company represents the large enterprise specializing on manufacture not only a powder wire, but also the equipment, allowing to carry out application of a wire in a metallurgical and foundry complex. The assortment of let out production has increased in some times, that does our enterprise by the most adapted and universal by way of maintenance of consumers different grade production.

Also volumes of manufacture (nearby have increased. 500 tons in a month.). An important role in the given factor the consumers which have preferred production of our company have played, having considered the competitive - capable prices, stable high quality and an individual approach directly to each partner.

Constant aspiration in improvement of quality of let out production, work with foreign and Russian consumers, the offer of the competitive -capable price leaves confidence of tomorrow's day.

We trust - the future for us.


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