Product Range

The powder wire represents thin-walled (thickness of an environment of 0,3-0,4 mm) significant extent (up to 4 km) a tube filled powdery by a material, curtailed in a bay. Input of a powder wire is carried out by means of the tribe-device, submitting it in the necessary point of a surface of a mirror of metal through directing pipe, with the set speed.

The technology of input of a powder wire can be used in any steel-smelting or foundry shop and, in comparison with input in metal lumpy and inflation in spray inert gas of powder materials, allows to lower in 1,5 - 2 times an intoxication and losses of reagents entered into metal to provide owing to it more exact updating of a chemical compound of metal. The technology enables to reduce the charge of materials for deoxidation, modifyings, desulphuration and alloy building and also to raise efficiency of their input in melt and ecological safety of manufacture.
As weighing material a powder wire it is possible to use practically any material applied for out kiln of processing of metal.Its choice for input in melt in structure of weighing material a wire is defined only by economic feasibility of manufacturing of a wire and its use in technological process.


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