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  Jupiter Ltd. - Production of cored wire for fine chemistry adjustment. 

  Jupiter Ltd. - Environmental safety, Reliability, Efficiency.

  Constant aspiration in improvement of quality of issued production, job with foreign and Russian consumers, the offer of the competitive price leaves confidence of tomorrow's day.

  Our cored wire meets the requirements of all international standards.

  We believe - the future for us.

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The tribe-device consists of the feeder of a wire and an electrocase (a case of management). The principle of work of the tribe-device is based on stretching out a wire through directing owing to a clip by its clamping rollers to driving to rollers.
The enterprise for today offers tribe-devices in two variants of execution on a way of submission of a wire: single-strand and double-strand.

1. Single-strand the tribe-device of model MDU 44.000.00 the compact and high-efficiency unit for input of a powder wire in the fused metal demanding the minimal adjusting area. It is easy in management and service.


2. Double-strand the tribe-device of model MDU 44.000.00-2 unit for input of two kinds of a powder wire of a powder wire simultaneously with an adjustable drive on each stream.



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