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Characteristics of tribe-devices

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  Jupiter Ltd. - Production of cored wire for fine chemistry adjustment. 

  Jupiter Ltd. - Environmental safety, Reliability, Efficiency.

  Constant aspiration in improvement of quality of issued production, job with foreign and Russian consumers, the offer of the competitive price leaves confidence of tomorrow's day.

  Our cored wire meets the requirements of all international standards.

  We believe - the future for us.

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Characteristics of tribe-devices

Items Parameters The name of models of tribe-devices
    MDU.44.000.00 MDU.44.000.00 - 2
1 Capacity of a drive, kw 4 7,5х2-15
2 Speed of introduction wire, m/mines 0-90 25-300
3 Diameter of an entered wire, mm 5-16 5-18
4 The length of an entered wire (is programmed), m 0…9999 0…9999
5 Quantity brooks 1 2
6 Step of programming 1 1
7 Type of a clip of rollers Mechanical Mechanical
8 A feed of an electric equipment:    
  Pressure, In 380 380
  Frequency, Hz 50 50
9 Overall dimensions of the feeder of a wire:    
  Length, mm 1025 1310
  Width, mm 720 733
  Height, mm 600 1165
10 Weight of the feeder of a wire, kg 400 980
11 Overall dimensions of an electrocase (case of management):    
  Length, mm    
  Width, mm    
  Height, mm    
12 Weight of an electrocase (case of management), kg  80 80
13 Volume of oil in a reducer, l 1,8 18

Auxiliary devices.

1. The stand coil compactor – horizontal.
2. The stand coil compactor – vertical.

The stand coil compactor horizontal serves for installation of a bay of a wire if installation sites of the tribe-device and a bay have not a significant difference on height. 

The stand coil compactor vertical serves for installation of a bay of a wire at a significant difference on height of installation sites of the tribe-device and a bay. 

Auxiliary devices do not enter into the complete set of delivery of the tribe -device. Are made to order. Characteristics are given by inquiry.


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